Montreal-based Lauren Klassen takes DIY to designer status, converting everyday objects such as screws, padlocks and scissors into precious fine jewelry pieces. A rising talent, Klassen manages to separate herself from the fashion pack with pieces that are edgy yet elevated.

Her designs marry precious materials with a punkish irreverence, the quotidian with the ultra-cool.

Lauren Klassen crafts fine jewelry inspired by everyday objects, reassigning their signifiers from commonplace commodity to objet d’art. With an industrial-luxe aesthetic, she reimagines everything from tacks, screws and paperclips to padlocks and keys, pushing forward a tough and unconventional vision of femininity.

No office supply is safe from Lauren Klassen’s golden touch. With everything from silver pushpin earrings to pen-cap pendants, the Canadian jewelry designer has a knock for making something precious out of the quotidian.

Klassen’s signature rhodium plating protects precious metals from gold to silver against tarnish, ensuring the longevity and polished finish of each piece. Pavé diamonds accent bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces whose industrial-luxe aesthetic reimagines everything from tacks, screws and paperclips to padlocks and keys.

Lauren Klassen has extensive training in jewellery and 3D modelling which greatly influence her intricate and considered collections. Hyper-defined designs are brought to life through contemporary technologies and old world skills. Working with 925 Sterling Silver and Karat Gold Klassen brings her hand forged designs to life with precision and rigour.

The words fine jewelry, I confess, don’t typically make my heart sing. However rapturous the stones and however impeccable their settings, more often than not, it’s just not my bag.   
Enter Lauren Klassen, a Montreal-based accessories designer, to make a convert of me.

Reimagining everything from tacks, screws and paperclips to padlocks and keys, Lauren Klassen reworks your everyday commodity into fine jewellery. Accentuated with Pavé diamonds, the 14k gold and 925 silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets are transformed into tough and unconventional female jewellery. 

She launched her eponymous label in 2013, and has already been featured everywhere from Vogue to Cosmopolitan, Rihanna, Madonna, and Cara Delevingne have been spotted rocking the made-in-Canada jewels.